How to find the right size...

"Who has the choice is all yours."
Here now some ideas and suggestions to ease the choice of the right slide.

• Mass vs. comfort
sound (thickness) vs. weight
The old sorry. Certainly every guitar player seeks the good sound. However it gets unwieldy the heavier it becomes. Often it’s difficult to find a good compromise. Material/or wall thickness means sound. Therefore we suggest at least 3mm material thickness or to test another of our weight optimizing shapes.

• Find the right length:
Certainly the variety of how to hold a slide is as big as the differences in slide music itself. All depends on the guitarist’s style and his/her good feeling, whether to stick the slide on the whole finger, the first two phalanxes or only the first and let it jug out. The finger tip should be just visible- that could be the rule of thumb. So you can fix the slide and control it with your finger tip.

• The right inner diameter:
No question – too wide is not good, too narrow doesn’t work either. The best is to have a little bit space because in the warm the finger could swell and at the end of a gig you would like to remove the slide without problems. Maybe our stencil could help you for finding the right ID.

• Conical slide vs. straight slide:
Leaving aside the weight reduction of a conical slide we think still some differences remain. To get a clean sound when playing single note on a wound string is easier using a conical slide because of its angle. On the other hand you have to move more around the neck when covering all six strings also because of its angle.

• Does the slide really have to be so long?
At first glance an interesting question because the choice of the slide length depends on the length of the finger. However usually the finger is clearly longer than the broadest width of the finger board. If you take it very serious there is unnecessary overweight. Using a shorter slide which also could cover all strings we could reduce weight or invest this weight in material thickness ( and tone )

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A slide is not only a slide.
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How to find
the right size...

Some ponies and assistance to find your special size...

How to find the right size

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