Frequently Asked Questions

· Do you ship your slides world wide?
Yes. Even to the end of the world, if you live there ;-)

· How do I define the correct dimensions of my slide?
This is a very individual question. Every artist has his own ideas and wishes . You can find some ideas and suggestions here. You also can take your ring size as first reference for the dimensions of you personal slide. Read more...

· How do you define the sound character of a specific material?
The special sound of a guitar player is a combination of a lot of components as there were the instrument, the strings, finger- and thumb picks, the player himself, and of course his slide. The individual sound of a guitar player bases on this combination, and gives him the freedom to realize and create the imagination of the required sound. Furthermore our philosophy emphasizes on a kind of ‘chain thought’. When I transfer my music to my instrument I have to start with playing, using my abilities via my slide and the chosen strings to reach my target. If one of these chain links is not at the optimum the result is something like a bottleneck, preventing a “could be possibility. To avoid this bottleneck regarding the chain link ‘slide’ we use a variety of materials to produce our slides.
Many musicians have a diversity of slides as they also have a diversity of guitars. Certainly there are combinations of slides and guitars fitting better than other combinations not harmonizing so well. Thus my definitions of a certain sound are for sure subjective, but a lot of people feel the same sound impressions.
Listen for yourself....

· Why do you use solid material?
There are two reasons for us to produce slides, steelbars and bullets using solid material. One is to be able to realize nearly every customers wish. On the other hand it has to do with the crystalline structure of the metal. While pressing or rolling the metal to form tubes this structure worsens concerning to our needs. In our opinion it influences the sound.

· I have a glass slide and would like to get the similar one out of metal. Does it makes sense?
Yes and no. The idea to use the dimensions of your favorite slide for a new one is certainly correct. Not least you are used to that size. However there are some points to be regarded. Glass is much lighter than metal. A metal slide with the similar dimensions of your favorite glass slide could be so heavy that you get problems to control it correctly. The other point is that glass has another tonality than metal. The sound of glass gets better the thicker the material gets. A metal slide has a differnet sound character, more ‘beef on the bone’, although you have less material thickness, you are able to gain a much fatter sound. To get a good compromise you could create a metal slide with the same inner diameter and same length, however with less material thickness, not to lose control of the weight. Possibly it could be a better idea to get that tonal difference, so not to copy your glass slide, but to get a new metal slide. Although you certainly have to get used to the shape and weight of your new metal slide, but its weight and sound are optimized. We come up with many slide shapes in our collection, so the chance is great there is some slide just fitting to you. Read more …

· How do your slides sound? Are there sound samples?
Food for your ears just here...

· How can I restore the original gloss of my slide?
Almost every metal oxidizes after a while because of humidity and the salt of our skin. To restore the original gloss of your slide we recommend Unipol, which cleans your slide and brings back the shine.

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