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Interesting Stuff

Keihäs Guitars
David Jünger Guitars
Markus Koch Guitars
Cuntz Guitars

Joe Striebel Gitarrenbau
Blind Lemon Records
Manzanita Guitars
Passion Guitars
TDF - Büro für Typographie und Gestaltung
Grassskirt Records
Wolfram Slides
Boucher Guitars
Peters Resonators

Diamond Bottlenecks
Willie's Glasslides
Santa Cruz Guitars
Gfrerer Resophonic Guitars
John Pearse Strings
SnapSchott Photographie

Interesting Musicians

Garry "The Slide Guy" Smith
Dr. Slide
Willie Salomon
Peter Funk & Herbert Wegener
Peter Funk @ MySpace
Markus Rohmann
Chatz Kostas
Michael Zander

Adam Franklin
Marc van der Graaf
Edwin Kimmler
Seven Years
Markus Willer
Holger Hendel
Picker's Corner
Sam Simon via MySpace
Cooling Board
Gerry Cooper
Norbert Roschauer
Mark Serloreti
Martin Gross
Bob Brozman
Michael Messer
Martin Harley
 & Band
Filisko & Noden
Tom DoughtyGottfried Gfrerer Richard Bargel
Lena Riess
Lena Riess @ youtube
Matchbox Bluesband
Rhtyhm Rascals
Michael Pickett
Front Porch Picking
Lost Roots

A Slide

A Slide is
not a Slide...

A slide is not only a slide.
We come up with a big variety of slides fitting your needs.

A Slide

How to find
the right size...

Some ponies and assistance to find your special size...

How to find the right size

Demo Image


Why to use differnt materials and how does the sound change...

different materials


... or actually why DaddySlide.
A few words about us and our doings.

about us

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