Andy Martin Special Slide

For Andy Martin, who lives in Thailand and plays the blues we developed a conical ‘tip nose slide’ . The advantages of the ‘tip nose’ go together perfectly with those of a conical slide.

· Material: German Silver
· Length: 65 mm
· Inner diameter: 22 mm
· Material thickness: 1mm to 2.5 mm
· Tip Nose

Andy über sein Slide:
''As a blues player for many years I had long been seeking a slide especially suited to my playing style, which is a combination of Piedmont picking and slide guitar. It had to have the beautiful mellow sustain of German silver and a structure that would work well with my resophonic guitars and also my lighter-strung Gibsons. I wanted a weighted slide but not simply a weighted bullet tip. What I was seeking was a design that would provide equal slide weight to all the strings,high to low,without any great increase in finger pressure. I also wanted a slide long enough to reach high notes on all strings over the guitar body and still play cleanly. From my rough ideas, Jan and his father developed a slide with a graduated angled wall thickness, from a light 1mm base to a much thicker tip, which performs exactly as I had hoped. Once again, Jan and his father demonstrated their remarkable skills with the creation of this beautifully balanced slide.''

We produce and polish our slides manually, so deviations in dimensions are possible. To avoid scratches all our slides will be sent in a 'Mojo Bag'.

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