Dr. Slide Special Slide

The first slide with 2 different edges. In cooperation with Dr. Slide, blues guitarist and Hermann Attenberger of ‘Fine Giutars & Equipment’ this short slide was created.

· Material: Specialbronze
· Length: 51 mm
· Inner diameter; 18 mm
· Material thickness: 4mm
· Edge profile: One edge rounded, the other bevelled

Dr. Slide about his slide:
"In the forty years of playing slide guitar I've tried every Slide I could get my hands on. Commercial, handmade bottlenecks from Tennessee or Mississippi, a piece of water pipe from a voodoo house in New Orleans. But this Slide from 'Daddy Slide' beats them all. Made to perfection by hand. The weight, sustain, feel and the warm tone are unbelievable. If you are looking for 'The Slide' don't look no further.
This is it!!!!"

We produce and polish our slides manually, so deviations in dimensions are possible. To avoid scratches all our slides will be sent in a 'Mojo Bag'.

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