Homesick Mac's Barry Slide

This slide is for sure one of our most exceptional slides. Dragan ‘Homesick Mac’ Ruzic had the idea of a Slide fitting to his baritone guitar and adaptive to is glass bottleneck. So we designed a heavy double conical Slide.

· Material: German Silver
· Length: 58 mm
· Inner diameter: 18.5 mm to 20 mm
· Material thickness: 4mm to 4.5 mm
· Edges: all edges rounded

Homesick Mac about his slide:
"My Baritone slide made by Daddy Slide is a masterpiece made of German silver.
First and most important of all it sounds fantastic. Single notes are warm and precise, while sliding through the chords rings like a church bell, being at the same time smooth and with almost endless sustain.My requirements for dimensions have been met with absolute precision as well as the implementation of the conical shape. The smooth finish and rounded edges ad to the overall impecable craftsmanship.
Thank you Peter and Jan"

We produce and polish our slides manually, so deviations in dimensions are possible. To avoid scratches all our slides will be sent in a 'Mojo Bag'.

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