Pascal Mesnier Special Bullet

We realized this bullet for Pascal Mesnier, the excellent french blues-and hawaii guitarist. It fits perfectly to Pascal’s needs of his “vintage sound”.

· Material: German Silver
· Length: 76 mm
· Diameter: 19mm
· Weight: ca. 140 g.
· Thombhole

Pascal Mesnier about his bullet:
"I was looking for a long time  for a "bullet" bar with the tonal characteristic of those from the past.
I have studied the old Hawaiian masters for a while, and as a vintage "National" tricone Hawaiian player, always referred to that long and soft sustain they had in their play and touch.
They never played with an heavy bar, but the sustain was rather coming from the "special" alloy of their tone bar.
In a great collaboration with Jan Simon, I asked for an optimal weight for a comfortable and better grip, a warmer alloy than stainless steel, and a recessed end of the bar to control my many "reverse slants" (for a reverse slant, the thumb catches in the recessed end of the bar and pushes it forward). The result was done by the extraordinary skill of Jan and his father, and since I use this bar daily for sessions, gigs on the tricone, and also with my other electric lap steel."

We produce and polish our bullets manually, so deviations in dimensions are possible. To avoid scratches all our bullets will be sent in a 'Mojo Bag'.

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