Different Materials...

Different materials - various sounds. It’s not only a piece of tube having no influence to the sound, as some knockers would suggest. Amongst other things the sound is strongly influenced by the material of the slide. The materials we use all have different tonal characters. First an important point. All of our slides, bullets, and steels consist of solid material. This has two reasons, first we are able to realize nearly every wish of our customers, on the other side it has to do with the crystalline structure of the metal. Producing tubes will affect negatively the tonal character.

• Special bronze
Not a 'normal brass' slide.
After a lot of tests we found a special alloy which prevailed over all other materials. It sounds warm …rich of details, rich of overtones, assertive, and has a wonderful sustain.

• Phosphor bronze
A very warm and characteristic low tone.
A full, middle-ranged tone with a good sustain. Close to puristic.

• German Silver:
A unique sound. The warmth of brass and the rich overtone of hard materials like glass or steel meet. It sounds wonderfully even if having thin material, but nickel silver produces its optimal performance at a wall thickness over 3.8 mm: Sweetness joins in to the rich overtones which you cannot find anywhere else --- a sensation!
Nickel silver contains nickel so it's not very advisable for nickel allergics.

The intensity of the sound is depending on the material thickness. The more mass concerning the material thickness the fuller the sound.

Some sound samples. Just convince yourself!

German Silver

We think it is more important that combinations of various materials of slides and guitars harmonize together better than others and will emerge. Characters will complement or support each other . Certainly it still remains a matter of taste.

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A slide is not only a slide.
We come up with a big variety of slides fitting your needs.

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Some ponies and assistance to find your special size...

How to find the right size

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Why to use differnt materials and how does the sound change...

different materials


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