A tonebar made from stainless damascus steel

Probably the most unusual tone bar world wide: made of rustproof Damascus of best quality.

This most extravagant tonebar evolved from the idea to get a different approach to material like steel or stainless steel, which we usually don’t have in our stock and to create a most unique highlight.

Damascus or damask steel is a material known for thousands of years and its extraordinary production makes up the charm : the interweaving of layers of steel. We use rustproof Swedish Damascus steel of best quality. Seeing the fine marbling you get an idea of the quality and the   costly making.

In addition you can see the laborious working out the texture: hour by hour of manually grinding. The grand finale : Etching for making visible the marbling.

Because of its laborious and costly production and the extremely high quality of the material this extraordinary steel bar costs 950€.

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